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About Brokerage Agencies

Today in this article I will try to write my views on health tourism and brokerage companies. In recent years, health tourism has developed and spread in our country. People from many countries of the world choose our country for health care. People meet their health services in our country and return to their country. There are many reasons why our country stands out in health tourism.

Turkey is a country where there are well educated health professionals. Especially in many countries of the world, surgical branches come to the fore. Well-trained surgeons heal. Many hospitals in our country are equipped with very good and modern equipment.

Due to the increasing interest in health tourism, many brokerage firms have sprung up looking to make easy money. Referral companies find people who want to receive health care and meet them with the doctors they hire.  All necessary treatments of incoming patients are performed by doctors and patients return to their countries with high satisfaction.

Today, interest in obesity and diabetes surgeries is increasing day by day. Operations such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, transit bipartition and duodenal replacement are successfully performed in our country. Our surgeons are more experienced in these surgeries than many surgeons in the world. In experienced hands, these surgeries are very safe and comfortable surgeries. Operations such as gastric reduction, gastric bypass are certainly performed in our country at cheaper prices than in other countries.

Performing these surgeries in our country at much cheaper prices and safely has put us at the forefront in health tourism.  The increase in health tourism has also led to an increase in brokerage firms.  Although healthcare is provided by doctors and hospitals, these brokerage firms can earn more than doctors.  These intermediary companies are often confronted with people doing research in order to obtain health care from abroad.

These intermediary companies make arrangements in advance with specific physicians and refer patients to the physicians or healthcare facilities they have agreed to see.

Of course, the brokerage firm wants to make a profit. He is trying to give little money to the doctor or health facility to make a profit. The doctor or healthcare facility is also forced to use inferior materials to make a profit. Or low prices are agreed with inexperienced doctors who are trying to prove themselves.

After the healthcare service is provided, long-term follow-up care may be required. It is the doctor or healthcare facility from which you receive medical care that you will follow up on the healthcare service received. Your intermediary will not follow you. The work of the exchange ends after receiving the money. Since the doctor or healthcare facility that needs to check you up is also doing your surgery very cheaply, they won't be very enthusiastic about checking you out. Therefore, you are very likely to stay in the middle.

If you are researching on the internet in the country where you want to get a health service, first contact the doctor or the health institutions that offer the health service.

Institutions offering this service already have multilingual websites and staff who engage in dialogue with you.  They will inform you in detail about the process. The doctor or health facility where you receive health services will offer you cheaper rates. Since there is no intermediary, your costs are reduced. Since your interlocutor will be a direct doctor or healthcare facility, your follow-up care will be healthier.

 For surgeries to treat obesity and metabolic surgeries such as Tube Stomach, Gastric Bypass, Transit Bipartition and Duodenal Swich, you can contact us directly without intermediary institutions.

Operations such as gastric reduction, gastric bypass, transit bipartition and duodenal swich are performed by me from agriculture with the latest technological materials in the world and post-operative follow-up examinations are performed by me as well.

To get cheaper and more reliable healthcare, please contact the doctor or healthcare facility that provides the direct service. Don't put anyone between us.

You can contact us directly for detailed information about gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery.

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