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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Process in Turkey

You are bored with your weight and weight related diseases and although you have tried many methods, you could not get rid of those weights.

Finally, you started researching obesity surgery and decided to have a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. You have decided to have your operation in UK, but you have not overcome the long and tedious procedures that await you.

Your insurance did not cover this operation. You have decided to do this operation in another country but you have many fears. You are going to confide in a doctor whose language and culture you do not know, you are going to be in a country whose language and culture you do not know. In this article, I will tell you what kind of process awaits you if you want to undergo surgery in Turkey.

First, please reach out to our surgery patients on Instagram or Facebook and ask about their experiences. Their experiences will comfort you.

After contacting us via social media or WhatsApp, our coordinator will inform you about the process in your own language (German, English, French, Spanish or Turkish).

If you want to ask me questions, the coordinator sends them to me and sends you my answers.

If you decide to have surgery, arrange an operation date with my coordinator. Your appointment will be made after receipt of your plane ticket, passport and email.

On the day of your surgery, we will pick you up from the airport with a VIP transfer that will take you to the hospital where your surgery will be performed.

Your detailed assessments, which must be carried out in our hospital before the operation, will be accompanied by our coordinator, who speaks your language.

If there is no obstacle to undergo the operation, I will take you to the operating room with our coordinator to carry out your surgery.

At the end of the operation, you will wake up with the help of the coordinator and be taken to the observation room. After four hours of rest, you will get up and walk alone towards your room.

On the second day after the operation, you will start drinking water and soup, and your resistance will be reduced. You will feel no pain as the resistance decreases.

On the third day after the operation, you will be taken back to the airport by our VIP transfer after all your medications have been adjusted, interviews with a nutritionist have been carried out and notifications have been made by me.

Once you have arrived safely to your country, we will stay in constant contact with you via WhatsApp. We will be with you for any problem. We will support your diet with our professional consultant.

We will ask you to take blood samples within the first month after the operation. You will make them and send them to us. We will give you recommendations based on these results.

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