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Frequently Asked Questions about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Today, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and transit bipartition are the most frequently used surgical methods in the treatment of obesity. These methods can be done very safely in experienced hands. You are thinking of undergoing sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass and when you share this thought with your relatives, you will encounter different negative information such as don't have this surgery, you will die or you will be half human. These are all nonsense.

In this article, I will answer frequently asked questions from our patients.

Is there a risk of death in sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Gastric reduction surgery is an operation with a very low risk of death by closed method. The reported mortality rate in the world is one in a thousand. Choosing a doctor is very important in stomach reduction surgery. The more experienced the doctor you will be operated on, the lower the mortality rate.

Can I have stomach reduction surgery, too?

Your body mass index is more important than your weight in order to have the surgery. Body mass index is found by dividing your weight by your height in square metres. People with a body mass index of 35 and above can have stomach reduction surgery.

Is there an age limit for sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery can be performed on anyone between the ages of 15 and 70 who fulfills the necessary conditions.

How will I eat after stomach reduction surgery?

After the stomach reduction surgery, you will be fed with liquid foods without grains for the first 15 days, and soft foods, which we call the mash period, for the next 15 days. You will switch to normal food from the first month.

Will I not be able to drink fizzy liquids for life after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

It is not appropriate to consume fizzy liquids in the first month after the surgery. After the first month, fizzy liquids can be consumed.

Will I regain weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

The main purpose of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is to teach you to eat and live healthy. If you do not learn to live and eat healthy and continue to maintain your old bad eating habits, you can gain weight again from the second year after the surgery. The rate of regaining weight after stomach reduction surgery is around 20%.

Will there be pain in sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Stomach reduction surgery is performed by laparoscopic, that is, closed method. After the surgery, there may be a pressure-like pain in the area of ​​your stomach that lasts for about 2 hours. This pain disappears completely within hours. During this period, you are given strong painkillers.

How many days do I need to stay in the hospital for sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

A total of 3 days hospital stay is sufficient for patients coming from Turkey and 4 days for patients coming from abroad. Our patients coming from abroad can get on the plane and return home at the end of four days.

When can I start work after stomach reduction surgery?

After gastric sleeve surgery, if you have a job that you do not lift too heavily, you can return to work the next day after you leave the hospital. If you have a job that requires heavy lifting and lowering, it is recommended that you start work in the first month after surgery.

I just gave birth and am breastfeeding. Can I have gastric sleeve surgery?

Since you will not be able to eat enough after the surgery, women who are breastfeeding should have surgery after stopping breastfeeding. If you have just given birth and are not breastfeeding, you can have surgery if you have just brought the necessary conditions.

Can I fast after gastric sleeve surgery?

It is not recommended to fast for the first year after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and revision surgeries.

Will I be on medication for life after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

No way. You will only use stomach protector and multivitamin pills for the first nine months after stomach reduction surgery. These drugs will then be discontinued.

Can I smoke after stomach reduction surgery?

It is not appropriate to smoke in the first month after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and revision surgeries.

When can I have sexual intercourse after sleeve gastrectomy?

When you feel ready.

Can I get rid of diabetes with sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

You are likely to get rid of type 2 diabetes after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. It would be more accurate to answer after detailed analyzes before the surgery.

I had gastric sleeve surgery. My hair is falling out. What should I do?

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Who is the best obesity doctor?

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I had gastric sleeve surgery. Constipation is present. What can I do?

More water consumption, regular walking and fiber diet.

I had stomach reduction surgery. My weight loss has stopped. What can I do?

There is a rapid weight loss in the first fifteen days after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. After 15 days, weight loss may slow down or stop. This is perfectly normal. After a certain period of stagnation, weight loss begins again. Weight loss continues with occasional stops over time. From the 9th month after the surgery, weight loss approaches the point of complete stop.

I had sleeve gastrectomy but gained weight back. What can I do?

After sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and revision surgeries, if you don't learn to live and eat healthy, you can gain weight back. After weight gain, what should be done by mutual interview should be planned in a detailed way.

When can I get on a plane after stomach reduction surgery?

You can board the plane on the second day after sleeve gastrectomy.

When can I get pregnant after sleeve gastrectomy?

Pregnancy should be considered at the earliest nine months after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and revision surgeries.

I had gastric sleeve surgery. I have a stone in my gallbladder. Should I have surgery?

If the stones formed in the gallbladder cause you complaints, then surgery may be considered.

I had gastric sleeve surgery. Can I chew gum?

It is okay to chew gum from the first month after the surgery.

I had stomach reduction surgery. When can I drink alcohol?

It is okay to drink alcohol from the third month after sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

I am overweight and have polycystic ovary syndrome. If I have sleeve gastrectomy, will my polycystic ovary syndrome get better?

Polycystic ovary syndrome develops due to excessive accumulation of fat in the body. With sleeve gastrectomy surgery, you get rid of excess fat accumulated in your body and your chances of getting rid of polycystic ovary syndrome increase a lot.

What are obesity-related co-morbidities?

High blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Polycystic Ovary Disease, sleep Apnea, fatty liver.

Will there be sagging after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

After stomach reduction surgery, there is a rapid weight loss. It is very important to do sports after the surgery. The younger your age and the lower your body mass index, the less sagging you will have. The older the age and the higher the body mass index, the more the wrap.

When can I do sports after sleeve gastrectomy?

For the first fifteen days after stomach reduction surgery, walking for half an hour a day and then walking for an hour should be increased. From the first month, all kinds of sports can be done without heavy lifting and lowering. If weight is to be worked on, it is appropriate to do it from the third month.

When can I swim in the sea or pool after sleeve gastrectomy?

After our wounds are completely healed after stomach reduction surgery, we can go into the sea or pool. This corresponds to the twentieth day after surgery.

When can I enter the solarium after sleeve gastrectomy?

There is no harm in entering the solarium as soon as our wounds heal after stomach reduction surgery.

When can I take a shower after gastric sleeve surgery?

When you are discharged from the hospital after the operation, your wounds are covered with a waterproof plaster. You can take a shower with these plasters. Wound healing is completed on the 10th day after the surgery and you can take a shower by removing the plasters.

When can I drink coffee after gastric sleeve surgery?

Herbal teas can be safely drunk for the first fifteen days after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Coffee can be drunk from fifteen days on, provided that it is not too strong.

Does gastric sleeve surgery have any disadvantages?

Obesity is the cause of many diseases. There are many diseases related to obesity. It has been proven that human life is shortened due to obesity and obesity-related co-morbidities. If we have not been able to treat obesity naturally, many surgical techniques come into play. Gastric sleeve surgery is the most performed surgery in the world. Gastric sleeve surgery allows us to get rid of our excess weight and to acquire healthy eating habits. Getting rid of excess weight also allows us to get rid of diseases that will occur or occur due to obesity. For this reason, sleeve gastrectomy surgery performed with correct indications has no disadvantages.

What are the risks of sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

There are some complications that may occur as a result of stomach reduction surgery. The most feared of them is known as leakage among the people. Leakage is the leak of stomach contents into the abdominal cavity from a cut and stitched part of the stomach. This infiltration can be life-threatening if not detected early. The probability of leakage is around 1% in the researches. Another complication that may occur after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is bleeding. Bleeding will stop 90% on its own. Rarely, it may be necessary to give blood to the patient. The probability of bleeding is 2%.

What are obesity-related co-morbidities?

Please click the link for the answer to the question.

How much weight will I lose after sleeve gastrectomy?

Losing at least 80% of our excess weight after stomach reduction surgery is an indication of the success of the surgery. After an ideal sleeve gastrectomy, 80% of our excess weight is lost.

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