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Home Page/Blog/Sleeve Gastrectomy (SG), Gastric Bypass (GB), Vertical Gastroplasty Sleeve (VGS), VGS Revision: Comparing Procedures, Costs, and Weight Loss

Sleeve Gastrectomy (SG), Gastric Bypass (GB), Vertical Gastroplasty Sleeve (VGS), VGS Revision: Comparing Procedures, Costs, and Weight Loss

Bariatric surgeries have become increasingly popular over the years as effective solutions for weight loss. Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, and Vertical Gastroplasty Sleeve are prominent procedures that yield substantial weight loss. Furthermore, VGS revision surgeries are performed in cases where previous surgeries have not achieved desired results. In this essay, we will explore the different procedures, their cost considerations, and the expertise of Dr. Volkan Arayici, a distinguished bariatric surgeon in İzmir, Turkey.
Sleeve Gastrectomy (SG) is a restrictive procedure that involves removing a portion of the stomach, leaving behind a smaller, sleeve-shaped stomach. This reduction in stomach size restricts the amount of food that can be consumed, leading to reduced calorie intake and subsequent weight loss.

Gastric Bypass (GB), on the other hand, combines both restrictive and malabsorptive components. In this procedure, a small pouch is created at the top of the stomach, which is then connected directly to the small intestine, bypassing a large portion of the stomach and the upper intestines. By reducing the stomach's capacity and altering the digestive system's anatomy, GB significantly limits calorie intake and the body's ability to absorb nutrients.
Vertical Gastroplasty Sleeve (VGS)
is similar to SG, as it also involves reducing the stomach's size. However, VGS is achieved by creating a vertical sleeve using staples and banding around the stomach, effectively narrowing its capacity. VGS offers restrictive benefits, similar to SG, but its long-term effectiveness may vary among individuals.
In cases where previous bariatric surgeries have not resulted in desired weight loss or have led to complications, VGS revision surgeries are performed. These revisions aim to correct any issues or complications resulting from prior surgeries, improving the patient's overall health and weight loss outcomes.
When considering bariatric surgeries, cost is undoubtedly an important factor for many individuals. The cost of these procedures can vary depending on the clinic, surgeon, and geographical location. Turkey, especially İzmir, has emerged as a popular destination for bariatric surgeries due to its cost-effectiveness and highly skilled surgeons. Dr. Volkan Arayici is renowned as one of the best bariatric surgeons in Turkey. His expertise and experience make him an ideal choice for those seeking reliable and quality surgical procedures. However, it is recommended to consult directly with Dr. Arayici or his team regarding the exact cost of the desired procedure, as it may vary based on individual needs and the associated medical services.
In terms of weight loss outcomes, all of these procedures have shown promising results. However, it is important to note that each individual may experience different rates of weight loss and overall success. Factors such as dietary adherence, physical activity, and pre-existing medical conditions can influence weight loss outcomes. Consultation with a bariatric surgeon like Dr. Arayici can provide personalized advice and expectations based on individual circumstances.
Ultimately, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, Vertical Gastroplasty Sleeve, and VGS revision surgeries all aim to help individuals achieve significant weight loss and improve their overall health and well-being. Choosing a highly skilled and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Volkan Arayici ensures the best possible surgical outcome. Additionally, considering cost factors and Turkey's reputation for high-quality medical services, İzmir stands out as an excellent destination for bariatric surgery.

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