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Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy) and Gastric Bypass Surgery by Op.Dr. Volkan Arayici in Izmir, Turkey


Gastric Sleeve surgery is the most effective medical procedure in obesity Treatment. This surgery involves the removal of a portion of the stomach and shaping the remaining part into a tube-like form. Gastric Bypass surgery is a similar process, but it adjusts small intestine links as well. These two procedures aim to reduce digestion and encourage weight loss by reducing the stomach and altering the digestive system.


Obesity Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

Turkey, particularly Izmir, has become a place of choice for people around the world for obesity surgeries. Many reasons can make Izmir an appealing choice for medical tourism:

Experienced Surgeons: In the last 20 years, Turkey witnessed a radical development in the health system, competing with many European countries. Therefore, it gained recognition for its skilled surgeons and the use of high-quality and the latest technology. Several bariatric surgeons in Izmir have long experience in weight loss surgeries. Also, they have a good reputation and high success rates in bariatric surgeries. Dr. Volkan Arayici is one of the best surgeons in Izmir, Turkey. He has a long experience in the bariatric surgery field. He helped several patients get new and healthy lives, resulting in over 2000 satisfied patients yearly.


Advanced Medical Facilities: Izmir is known for its modern medical infrastructure and hospitals equipped with high and advanced technology. Most Izmir Hospitals and clinics specializing in bariatric surgery are well-established and offer high-quality healthcare services.


Cost Affordability: Compared to many other countries, weight loss surgery in Turkey, including Izmir, can be cost-effective. The procedure cost is comparatively lower and includes many services such as transportation, surgery, hospitalization, medical tests and consultations, medications, translators, aftercare services,…etc.


Tourism Opportunities: Izmir is a coastal city and one of the largest and most modern cities in Turkey. Izmir offers attractive tourism opportunities that embrace traditional and modern aspects. Most patients combine their medical travel with leisure and take advantage of their existence in Izmir to discover its culture, food, historical sites, touristic destinations, and famous activities and, without denying seize the opportunity to do shopping in the most known mall centers.


Accessibility: Izmir has an excellent transportation system. It has an international airport with connections to major cities worldwide. This accessibility makes it easier for patients to travel to Izmir for the surgery.

Why patients chose to get their surgery done by Op. Dr. Volkan Arayici?

Dr. Volkan Arayici is one of the best and most experienced surgeons in Izmir, Turkey. He has an experience over 15 years in the bariatric surgery field. Numerous patients from different European and African countries have chosen to get their obesity surgery with Dr. Volkan Arayici thanks to his positive reputation and his successful achievements in this domain, including patients from Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Nigeria, Somali, Senegal, Morocco, the Republic of Dominican...etc.
Dr. Volkan Arayici closely follows the latest technology in the world and uses the best and high-quality surgical materials and equipment for his surgeries to provide safe and comfortable surgery to his patients.
Dr. Volkan Arayici valorizes human life; he always uses original American-made staples instead of imitation Chinese material. Also, he sticks to strict safety protocols for the safety of his patients. In addition, he provides lifetime consultancy in case of any future issue or concern. 


Getting gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery by Dr. Volkan Arayici will help you benefit from all the mentionned advantages and achieve a healthy, happy, and unforgettable obesity surgery journey. Dr. Volkan Arayici and his professional team strive to provide you with the best weight loss surgery experience by planning and organizing your trip.

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