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Gastric Revision Surgery

What is Revision Surgery?

After sleeve gastrectomy and previous frequent gastric band applications, 10-20% of weight gain may occur. Revision Surgery may be considered for patients who regained weight. Revision surgery is also performed with a closed method (laparoscopic).

Revision Surgery is a more difficult procedure and requires experience compared to the first surgery. The type of surgery to be performed for the second time is decided according to the gastric endoscopy and passage radiography performed before the operation.

The operation takes about two hours, and the patient can stand up in the 4th hour after the operation and manage his own needs. After this operation, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for 3 days. Finally, before they discharge, the medication and the dietician support the patient will need are provided.

Who Are Eligible For Revision Surgeries?

Revision surgeries are performed on people who have had a gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery before but have regained weight. The final decision regarding the type and method of surgery to be performed is made after the doctor’s consultation.


What are the Advantages of Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery helps patients return to the weight they reached after the first surgery and eliminates the risks related to weight gain.

Revision surgeries are performed laparoscopically with up-to-date technologies. In this way, the absence of large incisions speeds up the healing process. If you choose an experienced surgeon in revision surgeries, you will have a comfortable surgical process.


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